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School Profile

School Quality Snapshot

School Quality Snapshot 2016-2017
School Quality Snapshot 2015-2016
School Quality Snapshot 2014-2015

The School Quality Snapshot is a family-facing report that provides a concise picture of the quality of each school in a user-friendly format. For more information about the School Quality Snapshot, School Quality Snapshot Overview.

School Quality Guide

School Quality Guide 2016-2017
School Quality Guide 2015-2016

The School Quality Guide provides a more robust set of information about each school, including multiple years of data so that schools’ progress over time can be more easily tracked. For more information about the School Quality Guide, School Quality Guide.

Progress Report

The NYC Progress Report was the main accountability tool used by the New York City Department of Education from 2007 through 2013. Progress Reports graded each school with an A, B, C, D, or F and were based on student progress (60%), student performance (25%), and school environment (15%). Progress Reports were developed for most schools, including early childhood, elementary, middle, and high schools. Certain groups of schools (District 79 schools, some District 75 schools, and some early childhood schools) did not receive Progress Reports.

NYC School Survey

NYC School Survey Report 2016-2017
NYC School Survey Report 2015-2016

These reports include this school’s results from the NYC School Survey, which is completed by parents, teachers and students in grades 6-12. Through the Survey, respondents report satisfaction with various elements of the school’s environment. For additional information about the School Survey, NYC School Survey Link.

Quality Review

Quality Review Report 2016-2017
Quality Review Report 2014-2015

The Quality Review is a formal school visit by an experienced educator who evaluates how well the school is organized to improve student achievement by observing classrooms, reviewing documents, and speaking with parents, students and educators. The Quality Review Report describes what the reviewer saw at the school -- what life is like there. The report identifies some of the strengths in the school, as well as areas where improvement is needed with suggestions for making improvements. To read more about the Quality Review Process Quality Review Process.

New York State School Report Card

The New York State School Report Card is released every year by the New York State Education Department (NYSED). It includes information about who each school in the state serves, its students’ assessment outcomes as well as some State accountability determinations. New York State Report Cards are available New York State Report Card Link – search for your school on the top of the page.

Budget and Expenditure Data
The overview shows funding for individual schools and the comparison from last year to this year. Fair Student Funding Information Link
The detail shows the components of the school's Fair Student Funding (FSF) allocation, which is based on the number and need-level of students at the school.
This report displays a summary of the school's budget (scheduled items) as it appears in Galaxy. The budget is presented by section, with summaries of positions and budget amounts by assignment, subject or grade depending on the section.
Total expenditures report by school as well as citywide.

This report provides information about the arts education programs being offered to students in each school as well as the resources each school allocates to support them. The Report is based on the school’s response to the Annual Arts Education Survey and on quantitative school data collected by the Department of Education.
The class size report shows average class sizes at the citywide, borough, district, and school levels. To search for a specific school’s class size data broken down by grade and program click on the link above and select the "Detailed School-level Data" report. Once you have the report open, press Ctrl-F and enter the school’s name or code in the search field.
The comprehensive Educational Plan serves as a school's blueprint for implementing instructional strategies, professional development opportunities, and parent involvement activities that promote continuous school improvement. The Appendices to the CEP provide school-based responses to applicable NCLB/SED requirements and Chancellor's Regulations. To learn more about our schools’ Demographics Data, please visit Comprehensive Educational Plan Demographics Data page.
Daily, weekly and year to date attendance percentages report. Note that this report shows school attendance data on a 2 week day lag. For a complete attendance report, please go to Statistical Summaries and click on the “Attendance” tab.
Total number of current students in attendance with breakdown by gender, ethnicity, as well as Special Education and English Language Learners.
Reports and general information about the conditions of the school building, including accessibility status and department of health reports.
The Statistical Summaries web site highlights summaries of various important DOE statistics including official enrollment, regional attendance, citywide exam results in reading and math, and employee head counts. In addition, the site provides links to more detailed attendance and enrollment data.