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Monthly Trivia Questions

The monthly trivia questions are found on the bulletin board just outside of the school library. Trivia questions change on a monthly basis and are related to current events for that month. Students receive library prizes for identifying their answer and source.


December Trivia

1. Name three holidays celebrated in the month of December?


2. Who is the most famous reindeer of all? ( Hint: He has a shiny red nose)


3. What are three different names for Santa Claus?


4. How many nights of Hanukkah are there?


5. Which country started the tradition of putting up a Christmas tree?


6. What are the seven principles of Kwanza?


7. What holiday in the month of December is known as “The festival of lights”?


8. Where does Santa Claus live?


9. Which little girl catches The Grinch stealing her Christmas Tree in the popular Dr. Seuss Christmas story?


10. Name three holiday stories, including the author and illustrator.


11. How is snow formed?


12. Name three holiday stories that have also been made into movies.


13. What sweet is traditionally left out for Santa Claus on Christmas Eve? (Bonus: What is sometimes left out for reindeer?)


14. Where in NYC does the ball drop on New Year’s Eve?