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Parent Coordinator
Message from your Parent Coordinator

Welcome back to school!


I hope you had a safe and wonderful summer. As we prepare for another exciting school year, I am excited to assure that my purpose at P.S 246 is to serve as a help and resource to our families and community. I encourage all parents to communicate creative ideas around workshops, fundraisers and other exciting activities and concerns that many of us have regarding your child’s education. My role in partnership with the principal is to facilitate support networks and workshops of interest for you.


                                                           Parent Involvement


Our student’s progress improves when parents get involved. At P.S 246, we strive to provide every student with the tools needed to have a positive and enriching future, but active parents are just as vital in strengthening our child’s education. Each child that enters PS 246 is supported by a team of educators, dedicated to inspire young minds. We strive to provide every student with the tools needed to have a positive and enriching future. For a successful school year,, an active parent is the key to strengthening the schools progress, our families and your child’s education.


Parent workshops


We know parenting is one of the toughest, most time consuming jobs in the world. We help support and assist parents in balancing family life with school activities through a calendar that will be sent to you with your child every month. Please take the time to view the upcoming workshops scheduled in the coming months ahead as there will be workshops given throughout the year. Many of these workshops will provide helpful information to better support your child academically and socially.