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Parents » PS 246 Grading Criteria for ELA and Math

PS 246 Grading Criteria for ELA and Math


P.S. 246 Grading Criteria for ELA and Math







Classwork: This includes work completed in the classroom setting. Classwork can include but is not limited to:


· Active participation in whole class and small group settings


· Completion of in-class assignments and center activities during ELA and Math


· Writing activities such as shared, interactive, and independent.


· Hands-on content area experiences (in literacy, math, science, social studies, etc.)



Assessments: This category includes both traditional and alternative methods of assessing student learning with the goal of proficiency. A combination of ELA and Math assessment tools must be used to determine a student’s mastery. In determining the value of specific elements of a student’s grade no single component should be weighted in a manner that it alone could cause a student to fail. Additionally, an adequate number of assessments must be given to allow a fair calculation of a grade


Assessment types can be informal, formal, diagnostic, and observational. Assessments can include but are not limited to:


· Content specific assessments administered one-on-one or in small groups

· End of unit tests

· Benchmarks

· Performance-based assessments (including writing, working with manipulatives, etc.)

· Projects


Social Emotional Development:



·       Identifies and manages behavior and emotions

·       Recognizes personal qualities

·       Demonstrates skills related to achieving personal and academic goals

·       Recognizes the feeling and perspective of others

·       Uses communication and social skills to interact with others




Homework: This includes all work completed outside the classroom. Homework assignments should be interactive with the families and might include but are not limited to:


· Take home booklets, worksheets or other activities


· Content specific or theme-related activities


· Meaningful conversation around books/themes/holidays, etc.