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President PTA

My name is Vivian Ortiz, and I am the PTA-President, for P.S. 246 Poe Center School.

I am a parent of two amazing boys ages eight and twenty, and regrettably was not always involved in my children’s school activities and PTA meetings; always making excuses for being too busy. However, on September of 2015, I decided to change that and went to the first PTA meeting of the year. To my surprise there was only eight other parents in attendance and that made me feel bad. Listening to information the principal provided us that day (general information, school events, fund raising initiatives etc.) blew me away. I was under the impression that the school did such a wealth of information was given at these meetings. Motivated, I made certain to attend all meetings for the rest of the year. But after seeing the continued lack of attendance and participation by parents, I approached the principal and asked on how I can contribute to the school. Needless to say, she was elated by my offer! She explained the areas that she needed help and I quickly brought up fundraising for the school through box tops for education. I was allowed to give a presentation at one of the PTA meetings and the rest, as they say, is history.


The following year I signed up to be in the committee. My intentions was to be a secretary or treasurer but almost all the other candidates was running for the same thing. So I also put in for the president and secretary as well treasurer as back up. To my surprise, I was voted president! It almost felt like a set up! I was nervous about the new role, not knowing what to do or where to begin, but thankfully, the principal took me under her wing. She showed me the ropes and thankfully the rest of the staff was supportive as well. It felt like I had been doing it for years!


I am now on my third year as the PTA – President, and I have to say, it’s has been an amazing journey. I have had the privilege of meeting amazing families, kids, and people from other schools. This has been one of many wonderful decisions I’ve made in my life. It has been a pleasure helping our kids and guiding their parents to resources and information they need.

The PTA is an organization that is committed to making a difference in the education, health, and safety of all our students. We partner with parents, teachers, staff, and the community in providing educational programs, events and services, to enrich our children’s academic experience.


I was originally compelled to join the PTA after years of wondering, “Why this?” and “Why not that?” until it occurred to me; why not be part of the change you wish to see? Since then, it has been an honor and a privilege helping to support our children’s education and work with an amazing group of parents and educators every year. The PTA is an organization that is committed to making a difference in the education, health, and safety of all our students. But to truly challenge and nurture our children with fun, educational programs, events, and services, requires all the support we can get. Your contributions, whether it is your time, knowledge, or resources, makes all the difference in the world.